This year we have proposed a QUESTION ZONE OF CI & SCIENCE

We have found a commonly expressed interest in the latest developments in Sciences as well as established practices related to the body, frequently expressed as ‘Science and The Somatic’. We are interested in how we can translate and apply this modern-day knowledge to CI !
What are your curiosities in the Zone of CI & Science?

Which concepts of Science might you like to address? Propositions already made include:
We wonder, “What contexts are you interested in?” Suggestions already made include:
What kind of symbioses of CI and Science can you see?

Would you like to continue researching the concepts of ‘Connective Tissue, Fascia and Tensegrity’ presented at ECITE 2012?
Would you like to delve deeper into ‘Somatics’ even further?
What Methods of working with the body have been and can be further sources for development in CI?
How are and can ‘Body Knowledge’ approaches and techniques be used and applied to CI, for instance in effortless dancing?
How can we further explore these subjects and widen our horizons?
How can we apply Steve Paxton’s roots of CI in a way that support present day achievements in technologies and science?
How can contemporary research and knowledge lead ways into CI?

We are also interested in Performance and CI itself as a method for Creation! We want to create space for Performance, Video Presentation and Discussions!

We are curious which subjects you will bring and we wait for your ideas.
We would love to explore them with you!!
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