1. First step. COME TO WROCLAW.

The nearest airport is in WROCLAW: www.airport.wroclaw.pl/en.

Other airports are in:
POZNAN (around 3 hours by train from Wroclaw),
KATOWICE (around 3 hours by train from Wroclaw),
WARSAW (around 6-7 hours by train from Wroclaw).

If you want to save money, the cheapest flights are with:
Ryanair: www.ryanair.com/en or
Wizzair: www.wizzair.com/en-GB/Search

There are trains to Wroclaw from many European and all of the Polish cities, so check the timetable, and try to catch the ECITE BUSES in Wroclaw.

Timetable: wwww.rozklad-pkp.pl/bin/query.exe/en


The ECITE BUS will leave on the 24 August at 11 am (only one option) from the exit of the Wrocław Główny Railway Station, exit direction Sucha str. (same direction as if going to Coach Station). The bus will accommodate 54 people.
In case of getting lost please call Olga: + 48 691 967 697
There will be an ECITE BUS taking you from the venue to the Wroclaw Główny on the 31 August at 3 pm.
Have your petty cash ready for a bus fare approximately 20 PZL (5 EURO) each way.
If you miss the ECITE BUS, you can still reach Krzyżowa by regular bus.

You need to take a “Guliwer” bus from the Wroclaw Glowny bus station from platform 15 to Przenno (Cukrownia), in the direction of Swidnica.

Timetable: www.guliwertransport.pl/rozkladjazdyang.html

The bus stop in Przenno (Cukrownia) is 10 km from the destination, so from here you will need to take a taxi to Krzyzowa.

How to get from WROCLAW AIRPORT to WROCLAW GLOWNY BUS STATION: Take the bus 406, buy a ticket to the train station. Change in pl. Orląt Lwowskich bus stop and walk in a straight line to change for tram 31 or 32. Get off the tram at Dyrekcyjna bus stop.

For directions and timetables see this link, www.wroclaw.jakdojade.pl/?locale=n typing ’Wrocław-Strachowice Airport’ in search box A, and ‘Wrocław Centralny PKS‘ in searh box B.

(if you buy a ticket onboard the bus, you need to have a credit card to pay. If you can only use cash, you have to use the ticket machines at the bus stops outside the airport).

How to get from WROCLAW TRAIN STATION to WROCLAW GLOWNY BUS STATION: The Train Station has two ways out. One is through the maim building to Pilsudskiego street, the other one is to Sucha street. On the other side of Sucha Street there is Wroclaw Glowny Bus Station.

3. Other option - BY CAR straight to KRZYZOWA:

If you decide to come by car, here are some suggestions on how you can reach Krzyzowa.

From centre of Wroclaw (bus station):

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Out of Wroclaw head west in the direction of Katowice, Kudowa Zdroj (E67 or 8). Take the exit to Kudowa Zdroj, then look for route S8 still to Kudowa Zdroj. When you are on S8 take the exit to Walbrzych, Wroclaw (route 35). At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Route 35 direction to Walbrzych. Stay on root 35 for about 50 kilometres to the city of Przenno. Then, look for a left turning to Krzyzowa near a big factory called “Cukrownia”. If you need more specific information please send an email to ecitevenue2013@gmail.com

Maps from different cities in Poland to Krzyzowa:

From Poznan to Krzyzowa

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From Katowice to Krzyzowa

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From Warsaw to Krzyzowa

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